20 Best Apps That Will Make Your Business More Productive


Can an entrepreneur achieve success in the business without increasing productivity? A big NO, that is the reason every entrepreneur and every business owner wants to increase productivity. Success is the daughter of productivity in any business. Can you increase productivity without technology? Again your answer is no. Technology helps you to do more in less time and i.e. is called productivity. Gone are the days when increasing productivity was a difficult and tedious task now you can increase productivity straight from your pocket. Here are 20 incredible apps for successful entrepreneur – 

1. Expense Manager – Don’t worry about your travel expenses and let this app track your all spending. The best thing about this app is that you can create two or more accounts with this app one for the business expense and other for personal expense.  With auto fill feature you can create a list of pre-entered expenses. You can export the report in Excel or PDF format. Just upload your receipts and bills and let this app manage and save the receipts for you. You can set daily, weekly or monthly budget as well. You can also find many tools like the currency converter and interest calculators in this app.

Price – Free

Available OnAndroid and iOS

2.  Evernote – One of the best productivity apps available in the market till date. Take notes and let this app remember everything. This app can be synced with your every device. No need to press save button – write everything on this app and let it save automatically. You can save and store notes in many formats like pictures, texts, video, audio or PDF. Get organized with this digital notebook.

Price – Free

Available onAndroid, iOS, Chrome Web Store and Windows

3.  CamScanner – World’s no 1 mobile document scanning apps. You can scan, store and sync your docs with Dropbox, Google drive or One Drive. Easily scan and share docs with this incredible app. This app also provides  some great features like auto crop and auto quality enhancement features.

Price – Free

 Available on –  Android and iOS

4. Namaste Credit Channel and User App – If you are an Indian entrepreneur this is the must have app for you. Don’t waste your time for searching best loan deal for your business just use this app and get a true business loan at the best available rate from almost any bank or NBFC. India’s first app for getting loans, managing and viewing real time updates of your loans. Namaste Credit is the only website in India that does end to end online loan process from application to PD (Personal discussion) and from sanction to disbursement and this app helps you to view these activities. Revolutionary app for SMEs who don’t want to waste time for getting and managing loans. This app is coming with few more new features soon.

Price – Free

Available onAndroid

5.  Rescue Time – One thing is more important than your business productivity and i.e. your family. To find the ideal work-life balance you can use this app. Basically, it is a time tracking tool that helps you to understand how you spend your time on the computer, mobile or tablet. Are you really spending your time to the way you’d like to? To know this, use this time management app.

Price – Free

Available onAndroid, Chrome Web Store,  and  Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons

6.  Wunderlist – Actually today morning I forgot to write this article but Wunderlist reminded me as usual. Basically, it is one of the best To-Do-Lists app available in the market. It can be synced between your phone, computer, and tablet. You can set reminders for your tasks and can share your to-do-list with your family or friends. Organize your life with this wonderful app.

Price – Free

Available onAndroid, iOS, Windows, MAC and Chrome Web Store. 

7.  Google Drive – One of the best cloud giants and a storage platform where you can save and share your all types of files from anywhere. The best thing about Google Drive is that it provides a host of office tools like Google Sheets to edit and collaborate files without leaving the cloud site.

Price – Free

Available onAndroid, iOS, and Chrome Web Store

8. Google Calendar – Organize all of your events and tasks with this great  calendar. Directly set reminders from you G-mail accounts for flights and conference calls. You can schedule anything with this calendar and it can be synced with all your devices. Don’t miss any important con-call with this app.

Price – Free

Available onAndroid, iOSChrome Web Store and Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons

9.  PushBullet – With this fabulous app you can see all of your phone’s notifications on your computer, including phone calls. It saves your time in transferring files, links, notes and addresses between your desktop computer and your Android device.

Price – Free

Available on – AndroidiOS, and Google Web Store

10. CamCard – Never miss a business card and manage all of them with  this must have app. I have been using this app for last 4 years and found it very productive. It is different from a physical card scanner and it actually pulls all info from business card automatically and instantly saves it to your contacts. Just scan any business card with this app and let the physical card be misplaced as now you have saved it in your contact list.

Price – Free

Available on Android, iOS, and Windows

11. TripIt – For a frequent traveling entrepreneur it is a difficult task to organize all your trips but this app makes it very easy. You can view all your travel plans in one place. Just forward you travel confirmation email to plans@tripit.com or let it fetch automatically the details of your traveling emails and let it plan the rest. You can sync it with all your emails and calendars. Digitize your travel itinerary with this best travel organizing app.

Price – Free

Available onAndroid, iOS, Windows and Blackberry

12.  Chrome Remote Desktop – With this app, you can remotely access and control your computers from your Android or iOS device.You can hear sounds playing on the remote computer with this app.

Price – Free

Available onAndroid, iOS, and Chrome Web Store

13.  Google Hangout – Save your time with virtual video meeting. The integration of this app with your Google Calendar helps you plan, organize and manage your virtual meetings better. Your entire team can join the same hangout with their desktop, tablet or mobile.You can also send text messages or MMS free from your desktop or mobile to your or any hangout device at anytime

Price – Free

Available onAndroid, iOS , and Chrome Web Store

14.  HubSpot CRM – This is a productivity CRM app where you can manage client relationships better. This is the only app that is free for your entire sales team. Manage your sales pipeline and close more leads with this app. Android version of this app is coming soon.

Price – Free

Available oniOS and Chrome Web Store

15.  Fluenty – This is a relatively new app in the market but a very useful productivity app. This app helps  you type smartly with your WhatsApp or any messenger that you are using. It works with your messenger and helps you respond fast. You can select inteligent custom reply with this app.

Price – Free

Available onAndroid

16. Financial Calculators – This app provides a complete package of all financial calculators including loan, investment, retirement, credit card and all type of regular calculators.

Price  – Free

Available onAndroid  and iOS

17.  Swift Key – This is a hassle-free-typing keyboard for your mobile and tablet. It automatically learns your writing style. Type faster and kill your typos and the keyboard of this app is available in more than 100 languages.

Price – Free

Available onAndroid and iOS

18.  Twilght – Sound sleep is the secret of your productivity and this app helps you and your children to sleep better. As per scientific research, blue light from your mobile, tablet or desktop may distort you sleep cycle and make your eyes tired. This app automatically adjusts brightness and blue light according to the time. For bed readers, this is a must-have app as it helps them reduce eye strain and sleep better.

Price – Free

Available onAndroid

19.  Trello – This is a good project management app that uses the Kanban system to help you organize projects. With this app, you can track your employee’s workflow remotely.

Price – Free

Available on – Android, iOS, and Chrome Web Store

20.  EasilyDo – This is your virtual personal assistant that organize your work and personal life. With help of this app, you can merge duplicate contacts, check traffic, identify forgotten emails to respond, add meetings on your calendar and add flights to the calendar. This assistant also notifies you of delays or cancellations of the flights.

Price – Free

Available onAndroid, iOS, and Chrome Web Store

                                                                  There are many similar apps available in the market but the above list consists my favorite ones on the basis of my research, ease of use, unique features, and the cost. I hope these apps will make you a More organized and productive entrepreneur and add more hours in your day.
What are your favorite business productivity apps?
                                                                                                                        Written by – Lalit Bhojwani

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